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"Keep Grindin'": to continue, against all obstacles, in pursuit of what you truly desire. 


When spoken internally it ignites a fire that fuels us to take one more step….to go further than we thought we could. It helps us tap in to a deeper thread of our identity. It reminds us that we can and will find that next gear.


When spoken to each other it empowers, it uplifts, it creates a bond of support. It unifies a community of people who can not and will not lie down in the pursuit of best version of self, and creation of the best culture for the greatest good in the world. It sends a surge of energy from one person to the next, creating a ripple of positivity and power.


And thus the potential to create something greater.


keGri offers incredible workout plans which harness your WHY and provide a HOW to achieve the fitness lifestyle you desire. All plans were researched, developed, and designed by Robert Acosta (@acostafitness), creating a scientifically optimized environment in your body to reach the health goals you are shooting for. Head to the shop and get started on your journey to a better life. 








The new Voyager Retro Tee 1.0 is the flagship apparel item for the keGri brand. Proudly displaying the "Walk the Talk" mantra, the shirt not only reminds you of your intentions, but ties you into the keGri community and helps you build your own journey to a better life. Buy yours in the shop today!

"The shirt I purchased is my go-to shirt! It is literally the softest shirt I own. Blown away by the quality of this."

We are happy to announce a partnership with Gene Banks as our first "keGri Grinder!" 

With a lifelong focus on athletics, Gene was the first superstar Duke University basketball recruit and went on to play for the San Antonio Spurs and Chicago Bulls!

Click below to learn more about the greatness personified in Gene Banks!

Mount Morrison

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