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The Origin and Meaning of The keGri Arrow

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Onward and upward: It’s a saying that I first heard when I came to Colorado as an 11-year-old on vacation with my family. I remember being struck by its simplicity and pinpoint message. We were hiking near Estes Park, and I was suffering from a pretty severe case of altitude sickness. One of the people who were there with us stated those three words and immediately I had a guide to action: push forward, keep climbing.

keGri has been founded on that simple principle. keGri founder, Robert Acosta, has persevered more than most human beings in his pursuit of his dream to play professional soccer. From horrible injuries, to rehabilitation from surgeries, to personal life setbacks; he has endured it all and pushed forward with ferocity and an incredible sense of positivity. While it started as a dream, he pushed onward and upward to build it into his life’s reality.

The keGri arrow is an embodiment of that simple saying, and that impeded journey. The forward movement of the arrow is symbolic of the mindset needed to be successful in any endeavor. To take one step at a time, and make moves to be a little bit further ahead than you were the day before is encompassed in the left to right movement of the arrow. It is a reminder that it doesn’t matter how much further ahead you go, but rather that you’re heading forward. Look at the arrow on your screen right now. Every single pixel of that image is an action, a decision, a step forward. Maybe it’s “I did a five minute ab workout today.” That’s one pixel. “I paid off that bill that was overdue.” That’s another pixel. Every single action you make in the right direction is a minuscule pixel that, over time, will build into the beautiful image of success that you are imagining right now.

The upward movement of the arrow is the same concept, however it embodies that, not only must your moves be forward thinking and with a focus on that progress, but these moves must be in a direction that elevates you to the next step. This is how you will make sure each of those pixels will fit inside the framework of what you’re trying to achieve.

Finally, the shield utilized in the logo stands for rigidity and focus. It is this rigidity and focus with which keGri wants to usher you to your goals, and the attitude anyone needs to reach them. It is the mindset of the community! We are all just working on developing our own rigidity and focus to achieve our dreams. And the beautiful thing about dreams is that, even when you think they’re dead and gone, all it takes is for you to pick up that shield and start fighting again for those dreams to come back to life. So grab your shield, move onward and upward, WALK THE TALK, Keep Grindin’, and eventually those pixels will coalesce into a different life, built by you, and fed by the fight that you endure day by day.

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