Whether you are new to working out, returning after some time off, seeking weight loss, an athlete preparing for pre-season, or getting ready to start a bulking/muscle building phase it is PERTINENT to make sure your base is strong and bodily systems are primed and ready to grow.


This is called the “adaptation phase”; the body is adapting to having excess loads placed on the joints and muscles (weight lifting), increased use of the heart and lungs, and other physiological needs. Depending on YOUR specific needs, this phase should last about 4-6 weeks.


This is the go-to adaptation phase for Robert Acosta. ENJOY!!


Comes complete with FAQ sheet, warm-up, dynamic stretches, resistance training, cardio, cool-down, and static stretches. Each exercise has a how-to video with a full explanation!


Number of exercise days: 5

Equipment needed: standard gym equipment


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