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Now that you’ve built an incredibly strong foundation via your Adaptation Phase plan, it’s time to build some muscles with the Hypertrophy Phase plan! This phase is all about growing the size and number of muscle fibers. This is done through systematically creating micro-fiber tears and placing the muscles under greater loads than they are used to (IE you need to lift heavy and get uncomfortable). Going through the motions will not do it here. You will see fewer repetitions in most of your major lifts. This is to allow you to add more resistance! Get heavy…get strong!


Depending on YOUR specific needs, this phase should last about 4-6 weeks.


Comes complete with FAQ sheet, warm-up, dynamic stretches, resistance training, cardio, cool-down, and static stretches. Each exercise has a how-to video with a full explanation.


Number of exercise days: 5

Equipment needed: standard gym equipment



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